About Us

QA JET specializes in global private jet charter, aircraft sales and management. We aim to accommodate those traveling on business or leisure with premier aircraft and exceptional service at the best possible price - 24/7/365.

As the ultimate resource for the discerning private jet traveler, we will take care of everything with complimentary concierge service for every guest while traveling with us.  From airport transfers to in-flight catering; we will happily arrange your hotel and restaurant bookings prior to your arrival. Whether you are looking to buy a share of a jet, or charter as and when you wish, our team of aviation experts in 60 locations globally will be there to advise on your best possible options.

If you are a frequent traveler, our 'QA JET Card' might suit you best as this is the most flexible way to manage and finance your private travel needs.

  • Private jet & aircraft charter/share/rental/purchase
  • Airport transfers
  • Luxury in-flight catering
  • Hotel reservations
  • Restaurant bookings
  • Conference rooms

Specifically tailored to your personal requirements, anything and everything can be arranged for you before, during and after you travel.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.  For this reason, we offer unparalleled flexibility, cost advantage and efficiency on every level. Through real-time streaming, we can determine availability worldwide in an instant, offering you the most suitable aircraft for your required trip, at the best possible price. We tailor each package specifically to your needs, ensuring first rate service and the finest aircraft available.


If you haven't flown by private jet before, you might assume that all charter operators with operating certificates are equally safe. However, this is not the case, as authorities simply do not have the resources to monitor all of the 2,500 air charter companies around the world. At QA Jet, the safety of our clients is our number one priority. Our charter team will only work with operators after a full and thorough inspection of their safety records - guaranteeing that all aircraft are properly maintained to the highest industry certification standards, and ensuring that pilots have the necessary training and experience.

In addition to this, all of our carefully chosen operators either work under FAA Part 135 guidelines or hold a current Air Operator Certificate when traveling to the USA or within Europe respectively. We also only use operators whose jets employ the latest safety systems and checks to ensure a secure flying environment.


Our zero compromise policy ensures our clients will always receive the highest level of service

Furthermore, all jets chartered are operated by two pilots again using only the most qualified professionals in the field. Our zero compromise policy ensures our clients will always receive the highest level of service, sealed with the prestigious QA Jet stamp of quality. With over 62 offices worldwide, QA Jet is fast becoming the leading choice for bespoke Aviation services tailoring to both the discerning private and corporate jet user. We specialize in global private jet charters, aircraft sales and management. With direct links to the world's leading concierge service, QA Jet offers access to the finest aircraft, whilst also delivering outstanding service before and after the flight.

Whether you are looking to purchase a share of a jet, or simply charter a flight as and when you require, we are in an excellent position to advise you and to establish the most suitable option. For regular travelers, our QA JET Card program is unrivaled; offering you the most flexible way of managing and financing your private travel.