QA Jet specializes in global private jet charter, aircraft sales and management. We aim to accommodate those traveling for business or leisure with premier aircraft and exceptional service at the best possible price - 24/7/365.

As the ultimate resource for the discerning private jet traveler, we will take care of everything with complimentary concierge service for every guest while traveling with us; from airport transfers to in-flight catering; we will happily arrange your hotel and restaurant bookings prior to your arrival; we can advise on the where to stay and where to visit with our unparalleled knowledge of the market.

Whether you are you looking to buy a share of a jet, or charter as and when you wish, our team of aviation experts in 60 locations globally will be there to advise on your best possible options.

To book simply call +1 786 558 9055 or email info@qajet.com 24 hours a day. Minimum call out time is 2 to 4 hours. One of our team will be happy to help not only with your jet booking but with any concierge needs you have for the duration of your trip.

Yes, QA Jet has 60 locations globally and can fulfill any jet or heli request globally. In the U.S. alone we have access to over 5,000 airports, commercial carriers can only access approximately 550.

The QA JET Card is the most flexible way to manage and finance your private travel. It offers a seamless and stress-free travel solution which will be flexible, competitively priced and efficient. As a QA JET Card member we offer you as much structure and flexibility as you want. We will always deliver you the most cost-effective travel solution. With three program levels, we have a card to suit every need ensuring you have the service, reliability, safety and comfort you expect from QA Jet.

Our Sky Bank offers QA JET Card clients an opportunity to earn cash back on their corporate or private travel expenditure. For more information please contact a member of our sales team on +1 786 558 9055.

The QA JET Card has no membership fees, no monthly management fees, no acquisition costs and no long term commitments. We have aircraft available anywhere in the world when you want to fly. We will also advise on the most cost effective jet type for your trip. Instead of being tied to a specific jet type, you can use a light jet for short trips and mid or heavy jet for longer trips.

The QA JET Card Program offers:

  • Three levels to match your personal and business private travel needs
  • No membership fees
  • No aircraft acquisition costs
  • Available in 60¬†locations globally¬†24/7/365
  • Guaranteed availability with as little as 2 hours notice
  • No monthly aircraft management fees
  • No long-term contractual commitments
  • Special charter jet services at each level including free upgrades
  • Access to Empty Legs at cost price when available
  • Authority to extend QA JET Card flight advantages to anyone in your family or company
  • The option to exchange your jet for a smaller or larger cabin depending on your needs
  • Personal concierge to assist with travel, dining and entertainment needs

Safety and security is our top priority. Our suppliers are heavily audited and we can provide safety and maintenance records for any aircraft your choose. Pilots are required to have a minimum of 5,000 hour flight time and full insurance cover is provided by our operators. In addition, QA Jet adheres to the stringent requirements of Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

Trips or jet cards may be funded via wire or credit card.

Yes. QA Jet, in partnership with a national bank, offers customers the option to enroll in the jet card program. This program holds your QA JET Card balance in a non-interest-bearing escrow account. As you use your funds, the proportionate flight charges are released to QA Jet.